Pregnancy Massage

What do you Crave?

Whilst pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, full of joy and excitement and sheer elation at the prospect of a tiny bundle of loveliness, the female body undergoes many changes which put pressure on joints, ligaments and organs often causing discomfort and pain.

There is a comprehensive bank of evidence which supports the benefits of pregnancy massage. It helps to alleviate aches and pains and other common health problems associated with pregnancy while helping to reduce stress levels brought on by the anticipation and worry around the arrival of a new baby.

It offers emotional and physiological support to a woman during a time when her body really does need some TLC.

Research also shows that massage can be beneficial to the unborn baby – ‘feel good’ endorphins released by the mother during massage are passed onto the baby


There are a number of essential oils that are not recommended for pregnancy due to their powerful properties, so I use warm scent free massage oil, it is ideal for helping to prevent stretch marks whilst pregnant and improving skin elasticity and condition over the whole body..

Luxury foot and leg treatments, calming facials and relaxing massage are some of the treatments on offer either on their own or as a package for the perfect gift for the expectant mother.